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Welcome to Queensland Headshots! Leading actors headshot photography company in Brisbane. As with any profession there are specialists and we here at Queensland Headshots are exactly that. We specialise in Actor headshots. Our entire team, not just our photographers, work in the film industry in an array of positions.

The importance of headshots is paramount in the film industry today and with the distance closing between Australia and the overseas film opportunities it is important that Actors keep up! Marketing is a must! To help you market yourself in the correct way we have made an ALL IN ONE package to get your profile immediately up to date to the highest expected professional level. This includes our full marketing package that gives you your selected photos formated for all social media platforms.

We operate out of Brisbane. But often do a few weeks in Sydney, so if you require a different location let us know and we will keep you updated. Alternatively make sure you watch our Facebook page for all our latest updates and locations we travel to!

Our photos are framed to represent a closeup of you the Actor on the big screen, allowing casting directors, managers and agents to preview exactly that, your closeup. Their professional flash lighting replicates daylight without having to rely on weather and other variables experienced on location, even when on location. Guaranteeing consistent quality from our studio shots to our outdoor sessions.

Studio Shoots

Our signature look is our studio headshot photography with a gray background. This option is a great choice for the actor starting out who needs a basic range of looks to start off their portfolio. We believe that all actors should have some studio shots in their portfolio of headshots as there are less distractions in the photo. It is also a more controlled setting which gives us more time to take more photos for you to choose from!.

Outdoor Shoots

Queensland Headshots outdoor package is an option utilising the best mix of natural lighting and flash fill to illuminate your skin. These shots are a great ‘top up’ for your portfolio to help reinvigorate your face for casting directors. We use locations around the local Brisbane area but often move around as well, for more information about locations please send us a message.

Acting Classes

We aim to help Actors increase their skill sets! Our classes all come with a video clip for their showreels included.

Makeup & Hair

When it comes to makeup, what works for walking around every day can create major distractions in your headshot.

Less is more in headshot makeup, its all about looking natural. An intricate balance of makeup that evens everything out and carefully accentuates features without drawing any undue attention. Its a silent part in the movie that can make or break the show.

While good lighting and Photoshop retouching can take care of blemishes, etc… there is no substitute for good headshot makeup.

Our makup artists know how to achieve the best results possible.

Marketing Package

All of our packages include our marketing package.

Horizontal & Portrait versions of your selected photos (You will receive these Optimized for Print and Casting Site Upload)

Original Size (as shot by the camera perfect for billboards) and 8×10 Size (Industry standard).

8×10 Comp Cards ready for printing. (To print and take to auditions.)

Full social media package framed and optimised to the correct size and resolution for all the main sites you should be marketing yourself on (eg Twitter background, Facebook DP, Instagram)

Social Media Growth & Management

Available on Request. As you know, social following is more important than ever with it being a very common question in the audition room:  “Great! And what is your social media following.”

There is no excuse not to market yourself on this extremely useful platform. We can help you increase your instagram following! Once again as a new customer we would like to offer you 50% off as an introductory trial offer for the first month! Usually $100 a month, we engage with relevant and active instagram users to alert them of your page and help gain you likes, comments and new followers.

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