Self Test (Screen Test) Booking Form


This is your real name not the acting name you go by.

This is your real name not the acting name you go by.

Please provide your email address

Use the format #### ### ### for mobiles and ## #### ####

This helps us!

If you go by another name, or different spelling for your Acting / Modeling profiles please put it here. This SHOULD be the same as your name appears on IMDB.

Your Agency Details

Who are you represented by?

If you are not with an agency just put "Freelance"

Do you need a reader or will you be bringing your own?

Some scenes have male and female parts. Readers CAN read for both. So one reader can read multiple characters, pick a male if the male reader parts are larger. Female if the scene is more prominent.

This allows us to match your reader correctly.

eg. San Andreas, playing Jose

eg. 2 scenes. Scene 1 single page, Scene 2 is 3 pages.

eg. Must be less than 50mb when exported. Etc.

If you have the script available please upload it to us.

We have found the best way to set a date is to message a few times that suit check on your check availability for confirmation or similar options! For instance! What’s the absolute best day/s for you of the week, the best time/s of that day? From there we can check our calendar and see if we can’t make that a possibility for you!

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