Here at Queensland Headshots we only do “Audition Style” show-reels. Which means it’s shot like you were doing a Screen Test in the same close up framing used in a Screen Test.


1/ With a blank background (although it doesn’t have to be) the casting directors watching are not getting distracted by the environment, or by the other actors in the scene’s performance. Good or bad it can take away from you and it’s YOUR performance that we want them to see.
2/ This allows for the people watching to see not only see your deliverance of lines but also your reactions to other characters while they are speaking without your face being turned away or distant from the camera.
3/ To shoot 3 scenes usually only takes an hour. We only charge $100 an hour. So you could end up with a complete showreel for only $100 (Or $125 if you need a reader). There are many benefits to this one of which is that as you improve over the coming months (and you will) you can afford to update your showreel. This prevents you having a showreel with 6 month old performances or longer!
4/ You can still put at the end of the showreel scenes you were in from different movies/shows but the first thing they see will be your current acting ability.
5/ We film in professional high quality picture and sound. Include titles and agent information. Upload optimised on Vimeo for sharing.

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