Red Carpet Photography

Your event lasts hours, photos and videos of your event will live on Indefinitely!

Highlight & Capture your guests in Hollywood “Red Carpet” style as they enter your event, wedding, or party. Our professional photographer(s) are armed with top of the line equipment with a full studio lighting flash setup. Our aim is to capture the moment your guests come across the red carpet in all their splendor. We guide, direct, interact and even pose your guests for maximum image and composition making them feel like a movie star!

  • Fundraiser Galas and Non-Profit Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Brand Activations
  • Trade Shows and Conferences

Each photographer uses a double camera setup to never miss a shot, one for a closeup of your guests, portrait style, great for showing off their hair styling, accessories such as necklaces and earrings, and of course makeup! (Examples Pictured below)


The other camera sports a wide angle lens to capture full length and group photos! No outfit is complete without shoes, and we know how important the overall look, your guests have spent valuable time creating, is.

Using this setup we can shoot both styles of full length and portrait in 5 to 10 seconds per person. Keeping the flow of the night going while giving your guests an experience they will not forget! (Examples Pictured Below)

  • Live, interactive, professional (Dressed to impress) photographer(s).
  • Professional grade cameras, equipment, and studio lighting.
  • Unlimited pictures taken during the service.
  • Full colour correction and essential edit including teeth whitening included!
  • Custom imprinting of your logo, monogram or text available.
  • Logo-free final images, please credit us in the description.
  • Unlimited downloads and full-release usage rights of hi-res images.

Our packages deliver all selected photographs edited and formatted ready to use across all key marketing channels, on and offline. You will receive your chosen photos in the following formats:

PRINT format: Full HiRes Format, original out of the camera resolution suitable for Billboards and large format printing. 

ONLINE & SOCIAL MEDIA format: Optimised for today’s websites in 2048dpi, the ideal file size and resolution for you to immediately upload and use on your website and emails.

We use the best photographic equipment that is 100% portable and does not require power. Our setup and pack down is done in under 10 minutes. We know how to bring out the best in your guests during the shortest amount of time, so your event can flow throughout the night.

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