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The importance of headshots is paramount in the film industry today and with the distance closing between Australia the US, NZ and UK film opportunities it is important that Actors keep up! Marketing is a must! To help you market yourself in the correct way we have made an ALL IN ONE package to get your profile immediately up to date to the highest expected professional level. Your headshot represents a close-up of you the Actor as you would appear on the big screen, allowing casting directors, managers and agents to preview exactly that, your close-up.


We take headshots to the next level by extending our focus to marketing the actors we shoot. Helping actors take that required leap into the social media minefield. To be successful as an actor you have to be your own product and we want to be part of the actor’s journey, not just a stopover. So we move beyond just posing the actor. We direct the actor as they would be directed during a film. We want them to feel themselves take on the character of each pose so the story could be seen in their eyes.

As with any profession, there are specialists, and we here at Queensland Headshots are exactly that. We specialise in Headshots, Actor headshots. Our entire team, not just our photographers are from the film industry. All working in the film industry to this day. We have designed a marketing tool that will capture the attention of industry professionals and drive your career in the right direction. We also believe in helping actors nuture their careers by offering a range of courses designed specifically for actors to really give them the competitive edge and help them stand out to casting professionals.

Our packages deliver all selected photographs edited and formatted ready to use across all key marketing channels, on and offline. You will receive your chosen photos in the following formats:

PRINT formats: HiRes 8×10 Format and original out of the camera resolution suitable for Billboards and large format printing. Each chosen photo supplied in both horizontal and portrait format. Including in Comp Card formats both Horizontal and Portrait with the Actors name and agents details on it ready to go.

ONLINE formats: Optimised for today’s websites in both 1080dpi and 2048dpi in both horizontal and portrait versions, the ideal file size and resolution for you to immediately upload and use on your website and emails. Also for sites like AT2, Showcast, Casting Networks, eCaster, Starnow etc. in portrait and horizontal sizes.

SOCIAL MEDIA formats: No additional work to be done to size your photos for social media, it’s all done for you. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to name a few. Portrait Squares, Timelines, Cover Photos and Backgrounds etc.

MARKETING: Marketing of the Actor through our Facebook linking to all the actor’s profiles and to their agent. We have many directors/agents watching our site and contacting actors after seeing them on it.

We use the best photographic equipment that is 100% portable and does not require power. Our setup and pack down is done in under 10 minutes. We know how to bring out the best in you during the shortest amount of time, so you can show your true personality and character.

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